Green Aventurine Tourtoise 528 Gm

Green Aventurine Tourtoise 528 Gm

Green Aventurine Tourtoise 528 Gm

Brand :Pyramid tatva
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Green Aventurine Toutoise

This listing is for 1 Green Aventurine Tourtoise

Weight - 528 gm

About Crystal -

Green aventurine tortoises are elegantly hand carved with detailed shells. As the crystal is a natural product, you may find the green aventurine will differ in colour from the picture, it can sometimes be slightly lighter or darker. They are a great size to hold in your hand.  tortoise of turtle is said to live for ten thousand years and partly due to the strength of its shell has a certain awe of indestructibility and endurance. Sometimes they are shown individually as statues, other times as family units supporting each other, caring for each other, with the youngest on top being supported and the father or mother on the bottom supporting them. So in this way they are prosperous symbols for family life. Sometimes they are shown on water, or an ocean of joy, enjoying peace and tranquillity. It seems to me that so many things in Feng Shui are to do with “prosperity”. I think this word is a good word as although on face value it can be taken to mean being financially abundant it also has so many other meanings such as prosperity in family, love, community and generally being prosperous in our own nature. I think the tortoise or turtle as used as a symbol in Feng Shui sums up this wider context very well.


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