Black Agate Tortoise

Black Agate Tortoise

Black Agate Tortoise

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Black Agate Toutoise

This listing is for 1 Black Agate Tourtoise

Weight - 45 to 50 gm

About Crystal -

Dragon Skulls like other skulls are a powerful tool to connect to the elemental energies of the animal realm. Practiced and worshiped in many cultures these skulls are used to invoke energies of the highest elements denoted by dragons.

Dragons which are considered to be the highest and most powerful among all the livings ever walked on planet, are said to have mastery over all the elements Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Ancient myths also talks about dragons representing such elements like fire dragon, water dragon, earth dragon etc.

One school of thought states that these creatures have moved on to the higer realm called as dragon realm and now with shift in earth elemental energies are getting in touch with humans to share and guide towards higher spiritual journey.

Invocation of these energies requires one to get into the meditative state and call on the dragon spirits for guidance and insights. Different crystals represents different dragon energy and could be used in dragon skull form to connect to these energies for highest good and spiritual guidance.

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