Basics About Crystals

Basics About Crystals

For most of the people who get attracted to crystals and are not sure as to how and which form should be used, sharing herewith simple information on these.

Basic rule to identify a crystal and its relevance is the colour, mostly it will resonate to the corresponding chakra i.e. if it is green then its natural resonance is with Anahata (Heart Chakra). Going by this rule one can decide which crystal to be used for which purpose. Secondly apart from visual aspect one can feel the vibration and see which part of body it is going to and then pick and choose accordingly.

Understanding of chakras and the issues triggering due to imbalances in energy flow needs to be understood first prior to using a crystal. Cleansing and energizing is important and the same can be done by different methods. 

Once the crystal is cleaned and energized time should be given to get used to the resonance. Unlike varied modalities crystals does not have much of rituals to be followed so one can use it as pendent, raw, polished form etc.

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