Deva Quartz

Deva Quartz

Though most of the crystal having high vibrations make their presence felt even to those who are not attuned to crystals, holding a Deva Quartz Green phantom crystal is completely out of the world experience.

Having worked with many high vibration crystals, this crystal with soothing green inclusion owing to chalcedony is one of its kind. Not many of the times one get to feel the high vibrations so enchanting and equally transcending into pure joy and blissful state of awareness.

The vibrations which triggers through the palm start stimulating the entire aura and energy flow, making high pulsating vibrations at third eye and through the crown to higher chakras, visions are almost like triggering of astral travel and instant transition to deep meditation levels.

It clearly shows the patterns of life , the fragmented imprints and the very path leading to highest purpose of existence in this time and space.

Amazingly wonderful crystal for anybody who seeks the purpose.

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