Natural Rose Quartz Merkaba

Natural Rose Quartz Merkaba

Natural Rose Quartz Merkaba

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Rose Quartz Merkaba 

This listing is for 1 Rose Quartz Merkaba.

Size - 1inch 

About Crystal -

Rose Quartz belongs to the Seeker and Transformer Crystal family. Seeker and Transformers are popular talismans, used to find transformation in life towards more desirable state. Seekers are used for guidance in searching for a new path, direction, approach or any quest which is desired but not attained yet. Rose Quartz which corresponds to the feminine (Naari) energy has the red aspect of passion and power toned down, making it the stone of love and romance and is a very powerful crystal in the seeker crystal family. Rose quartz crystals are the natural birthstones of those born during October 22–November 20 (SCORPIO) A very grounding crystal, this rose quartz Merkaba is associated with the Root (Mooladhar) chakra and is used for realignment and healing of Root (Mooladhar) chakra. Rose quartz represents fire energy and denotes energy of warmth, brightness, illumination. It should be used as an accent and accessory. Rose quartz should be used in rooms where energy is focused on activity. The best areas for rose quartz merkaba are North, Northeast, South and Southwest.

Heart Chakra
Root Chakra
Zodiac Sign

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