Yellow Aventurine Angel

Yellow Aventurine Angel

Yellow Aventurine Angel

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Yellow Aventurine Angel

This listing is for 1 Yellow Aventurine angel

Size - 2 inch 

About Crystal -

Yellow Aventurine which is exuding the yellow aura is representation of Solar Plexus (Manipur) chakra. It is great tool to activate and balance the solar plexus (Manipur) Chakra and also help in balancing the Sacral (Swadhisthan) chakra helping a seeker to be more balanced in decision making and in relations.

The yellow color of Aventurine is natural birthstone for those born under zodiac sign of ARIES

The energy of Yellow Aventurine Angel can be used to address issues related to power and control. It helps one to focus inwards and be aware of self, leading to calmness and compassion in one’s attitude. This is also a great tool to absorb and reduce the electromagnetic and environmental negative energies.

As it is a balancing stone and balances the Ying-Yang energies it helps in being more creative and stable in approach towards life and others. It is also known to be a aid in easing migraine headaches and sinus issues.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Zodiac Sign

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