Amethyst Mala

Amethyst Mala

Amethyst Mala

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Natural Amethyst Mala

This listing is for 1 Amethyst Mala,

Bead Size 8mm

About Crystal -

Amethyst, which contains manganese, is a popular purple-colored variety of quartz. The darkness of purple shade depends on the iron content in the stone.Amethyst helps in transmuting lower vibrations to higher frequencies thereby transforming negative energy to positive energy. It also connects the physical with the higher realm. This quartz corresponds to the Third (Aagya) Chakra and provides peaceful energy for meditation and developing varied psychic abilities. It also opens and activates the Crown (Sahastra) Chakra and allows connection to the higher self, leading to spiritual awareness and wisdom. Amethyst is also known to heal and balance one’s aura. Amethyst is associated with people born under the zodiac signs of AQUARIUS, CAPRICORN, PISCES and VIRGO.

Crown Chakra
Zodiac Sign

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